ASUS V550CA Laptop


Sep 10, 2015
I am curious if this laptop came with Windows 8 and was upgraded to 8.1, did that change the Product key which is OEM but I did obtain the actual key with Belarc Advisor... If it did change the product key after upgrade, then is the key Belarc gave me a key for windows 8.1 then and I need to install windows 8.1 to get this product key to work?

Someone Somewhere

The key Belarc will report on systems with pre-installed Windows is a generic key and is worthless - if you google it, you'll find tons of results.

On systems that came with 8, any OEM (not sure about retail) 8 or 8.1 disc will activate it.

Can't say for systems that came with 8.1.

OEM Windows is not transferable between systems.


Sep 10, 2015
okay so check this out, i had microsoft and ASUS on live chat at same time as one told me to talk to the other, i told them i would have probably be able to resolve this whole problem by purchasing Linux and cabaaaammm they send me the fix program that they had told me they didn't have....


Sep 10, 2015
Chat transcript

Full Name: Kevin
Existing Case# or RMA#:
Serial Number or Model Name: Asus v550ca
Product Type: Notebook
Reason for your chat: windows 8
Chat Server Server 2

Tamara M. Thu, 09/10/15 06:26:41 am America/Indianapolis

Hello Kevin , thank you for contacting ASUS support. Please give me a few moments to review your information. I will be with you shortly.

Kevin 06:27:20 am

I have having problems with reinstalling windows 8 to this system

Tamara M. 06:28:02 am

Hi Ken how are you dojng today?

Kevin 06:28:24 am

i have the product key and the oem key, i am online live chat with Microsoft right now and they are telling me you have the installation disk
i'm good

Tamara M. 06:29:51 am

I do apologize, Kevin, we do not have recovery Media for Windows 8.

Kevin 06:30:12 am

so this computer is useless unless i buy a new version of windows again?

Tamara M. 06:31:26 am

You may also send the unit in for servicing.

Kevin 06:31:44 am

and cost how much?

Tamara M. 06:31:51 am

May I have the following information about your product please? Serial Number: Operating System: Country:

Kevin 06:32:43 am

Windows 8
United States

Tamara M. 06:33:24 am

Thank you for that information.
When was the unit purchased?

Kevin 06:34:01 am

I'm not sure
most likely the warranty has ended i'm sure
6/4/2013 maybe

Tamara M. 06:34:54 am

Yes, I do see that the unit is ot of warranty.

Kevin 06:35:17 am

so cost is as much as purchasing a new version of Windows

Tamara M. 06:36:32 am

The estimate service cost for this problem is $195.00 (USD). Shipping and labour is included in this cost. Please note that the actual service cost could be higher than calculated. This estimate is an average only. The unit can be sent into ASUS and the problem assessed by our technicians. The examination is at absolutely no cost to you. After our technicians’ assessment, you will be contacted by an ASUS representative regarding the actual cost of the servicing.
Please be advised this is just a flat rate.

Kevin 06:37:21 am

LOL funny, I can get Windows 10 from microsoft cheaper then that, amazing how this works

Tamara M. 06:37:30 am

Kevin, I do apologize our systems are currently undergoing upgrades to serve you better. I am unable to provide you with a case number or a RMA number.
I do apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Did you have any other questions for me today?

Kevin 06:38:10 am

should i purchase Linux from now on?

Tamara M. 06:38:33 am

I am sorry you feel that way, Kevin.
I am a Windows fan.

Kevin 06:39:45 am

after updating to 8.1 and can't go back to 8 cause of virus and have to repurchase version of windows to fix or spend 200 for Asus to fix, i'm not so much a fan anymore of Windows

Tamara M. 06:39:58 am

There is a software that can help with this issue.

Kevin 06:40:51 am

would have got it with Linux to begin with to have to purchase yet another software, thanks for your help but I should have just listened to my friend about linux in the first place, have a great day

Tamara M. 06:41:00 am

Here's the link:
Please copy and paste the link above to download the driver. If you are using Google Chrome browser, the file will be downloaded automatically. If you're using Internet Explorer, you will be prompted to “Open" or "Save" the file, you may save the file to your desktop.
Step 1: Open the file downloaded and look for the “Setup” file, the file type should be an “Application”. Step 2: Double click on the “Setup” file to run the application. Step 3: Once installation has been completed, restart the system.
This is assist in recovery of the recovery partition, so that you are able to Reset the unit.
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