ASUS X455L won't turn on/black screen


Dec 20, 2016
Hi all.

My laptop is Asus X455L with nonremovable battery.

It won't turn on. The battery charge light is on when i charging it. When i press power button one time, the power indicator light blinking once time then stop. When i press power button for long time (tried it for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds) the power indicator light will blink for 5 times then stop, but the laptop won't turn on.

please help me. thanks in advance.
Well, while the battery may not be easy to get to, or take out, it is removable/replaceable.

It sounds like you need a new battery.

If the laptop is still under warranty, I would contact the manufacturer about getting the battery replaced.

If it isn't under warranty anymore, then you have the option of doing the replacement yourself (if you feel comfortable doing so) or taking it to a local tech/repair shop to have them do it.

NOTE: If you do do it yourself, be sure you get an OEM one and not aftermarket. Aftermarket is great for a lot of things, but not laptop batteries.