Question ASUS X541U - No power after cleaning, battery heats motherboard while unplugged and dismantled

Sep 5, 2021
I have an ASUS X541 UJ laptop and I decided to clean it after the performance dropped in time. I opened dismantled every bit of it carefully, cleaned it and put all the pieces back and the laptop wouldn't power on / No Lights.

After a few tries of hard reboot holding the power button for a minute, there was no change whatsoever. After 10-15 minutes, I noticed the some part of the motherboard overheating hard on its own while plugged to the lithium ion battery. When I took the battery out it stopped overheating, and starts again when I place the battery. (This happens without the AC plugged)

Any thoughts on this matter will be really appreciated, thanks upfront for your invaluable input!


Jul 7, 2020
Unfortunately, "cleaning" a laptop often turns out bad. To do this correctly, you need to have the service manual for the laptop in hand and follow the procedures they outline. I can think of several things that may have happened:
  • Unless you used good ESD practices you could have damaged some of the parts. Computer components don't like to be handled unless you and the computer are properly grounded.
  • There are connections that need to be disconnected and reconnected with great care. Easy to mess these up.
  • It is even possible that you inserted the wrong screw into the wrong hole. I have seen cases where a different length screw can short something out.
I'm sorry this happened. There is a ton of bad information on YouTube and various forums. If you have ESD damage your motherboard is likely ruined. The other two points you can verify. Do try to find the service manual on line somewhere. It's not always possible (I don't know about ASUS) but a lot of them are available.
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