ASUS X550CC - GT 720M Error Code 43


Dec 30, 2015

I come back and with a new problem ..

I have an ASUS laptop with display broken X550C I've connected to a monitor via HDMI .

I installed Windows, but I can not do work dedicated video card .

In Device Manager yellow triangle appears next to the video card .

I tried the following :
- Installed win 8.1 / windows 7
- Installed driver on asus
- BIOS Update
- Removing the battery and pressing the power ~ 30 sec
- Install the latest driver

I did some a second time to make it work , once Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 once .

In Windows 7 went well, I ate just give me somewhere to install the latest version.

In Windows 8.1 went after installing the latest driver , but the problem reappeared after restart ..

Any idea what could be ? Since the board worked perfectly approx. 10 minutes 7 until I gave myself foolishly install the latest version ..

I thought today 's try other drivers and I installed version 353.xx.

It went perfect video card, I went into the control panel from NVIDIA , all was ok .

In GPU -Z shows me everything right , and I HW monitor video card temperature occur .

The problem is that after restart video card does not work , that appears again that the yellow triangle in device manager and the control -panel software NVIDIA is not opened .

I'm thinking of looking for someone who has the same laptop and CD with drivers and take video driver for Nvidia to get him , maybe the guy go .

I try to downgrade the bios ? These days I upgraded to the latest version ..

- > Http://
- > Http://
- > Http://
- > Http://

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- Start by running Windows Update, install all updates available.
- Next is to do the clean install of the graphics card driver following the link below for the complete guide.
- Once done and you still have the yellow triangles on other devices, download and install them from Asus Support site.
- Here's the link:
- Just select the correct operating system.
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