ASUS Zenbook UX305LA overheating, pauses, no fan speed


Nov 25, 2014
Hi everyone,

My UX305LA is getting pretty hot recently. The CPU temp can run up to 60 C and the ssd temp run up to 53 C under load. The idle temperatures are 45 C respectively. I understand these temperatures are not insane but my system got pauses, sometimes freeze up for a bit when the ssd temperature reaches above 50C. This is really annoying. It did not happen until one month ago.

The OS is windows 10 64bit home, the ssd is micron M600, the CPU is i5-5200U.
I am not sure if it's hardware problem or a software problem.

Hardware side:
I can hear the fan running pretty loud when the temperatures reaches above 50. Below 50 C I did not hear the fan (the laptop stays warm unfortunately).

I have talked with ASUS tech guys. They said I had to send it to ASUS for inspection. Since this is my working laptop and ASUS does not provide a temperoary replacement, I want to ask you guys if there is any diagnostics I could do my self.

I have tried several CPU/hardware monitor software like open hardware monitor and cpu speed. They all show correct temperatures but there is no CPU fan information. I think UX305LA comes with CPU fans so I am not sure what's happening.

I tried looking into BIOS (ASUS version 206) but apparently the American Megatrends Inc 5.5xx does not have h/w monitor section.

software side:
I did not install any weird software and I have Norton and windows defender on all the time so I suspect it would be a virus issues. The heating happens when the system is tasked, with the ssd temperature rising most sharply. It happens when I play Warcraft III (old game) or connect to a 23" IPS display for long time/watch video.

Basically, I want to diagnose if this is really a hardware issue or software issue before I send it to ASUS and not having my working laptop for weeks.

Thank you guys so much!


Before you send it to ASUS for a repair here are some troubleshooting steps that you can try that may help so you won't have to send it in.
- Start by running Windows Update and install all the updates available.
- Next is to run a complete virus/malware scan. Please use the link below for the complete guide and tools.
- Once done, do also a clean install of the graphics card driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics driver.
- Check Programs and Features as well and uninstall anything related to your graphics card.
- Next is to download and install the latest driver from the manufacturers site.
- Reboot your laptop once the latest driver has been installed.

If all these will not work I would suggest opening your laptop and clean the inside of it and apply new thermal paste on both the CPU and GPU.

Lastly, if all these will not work I would suggest sending it for a repair to ASUS.