Asus zenpad 8 terrible photo quality need solution!


Oct 30, 2016
Hi. I recently bought an Asus zenpad8 primarily for internet research and recording my family life through photos and video. The camera has this bizarre quirk that makes every photo look like a very heavy posterizing filter has been applied to each image. The zenpad has the Asus Pixelmaster camera app pre loaded, and I have used this app in each setting, they all come out looking filtered. I gave tried downloading other camera apps. Same thing. I thought maybe it was just the way the SCREEN made the photos look, so I emailed them to myself and looked at them on both my phone and my laptop. Still filtered. I emailed customer service twice. They just said huh. Keep updating your system and trying new camera apps. Meanwhile I can't take a photo of my kinds that looks anything like them.
Has anyone heard of this happening?
Ideas for a solution?
I was going to return the tablet as I just bought it a week ago, and then discovered a hairline crack in the digitizer. Gah! Please help!!!!!