ATI All in Wonder Media software in Windows MCE


Feb 15, 2006
I just bought a ATI AIW 1900 and the included software bundle installed fine but the included media software won't run. (the TV function tells me it's unable to start the TV)

Apparently this is a very common problem using ATI's software bundle in XP MCE. I have tried every "fix" on ATI's website but to no avail.

On the other hand everything works fine in Windows supplied software. I can watch TV, record, and program events to record.

I have downloaded all the latest drivers and fully uninstalled all ATI software using there uninstaller tool and reinstalled and I keep getting the same error.

Should I just give up on the ATI bundle as everyone tells me that the windows software is better anyway? Or does anyone know of another "fix" for this problem?

The only thing I haven't done is update my BIOS but I don't see how that could affect it, but I guess I will try that next.

My system is as follows:

Windows Media Center 2005 with all updates.
P4 630 3.00ghz
1024 megs 2.5 3 3 7 DDR 400
2 seagate 250gig 7200 rpm SATA in raid0
2 WD 160gig 7200 rpm PATA in raid 0
ATI AIW 1900
Gigabyte 8I915P Duo Rev 1.0 MOBO
I have a 500watt powersupply and several cooling fans as well

The P4 runs at a chilly 27c at all times and the internal case temp never goes above 34c. Both raid arrays run at around 39c.

Nothing is overclocked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if this should be posted in another section.


Jun 13, 2006
It's not MCE.

ATI Media software is so buggy it is not even funny. Their development effort went completely off the rails a while back and none of the new versions work.

MMC Version 9.08, shipped with USB 2.0 Wonder works great.

I tried a fresh install of Cat 6.8 and MMC 9.15 on my x1900XT and it completely fails to properly control the USB Wonder and a T550 card. (No sound, no picture, green picture, and abysmal picture quality when you can can hack around eough to get a picture.) Again, NONE of these problems happen with MMC 9.08!

On top of that, Cat 6.8 completely breaks the Overdrive overclocking app. The dead of ATI in the AMD buyout is pretty much a non-issue since their drivers are useless anyway. Good riddance to the massive waste of time and effort they force users to suffer.
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