Audio connection problem through spdif 3.5 mm jack.


Nov 19, 2017
Sir I have a mxq box with 3.5 mm Spdif jack. I want to get DTS and Dolby audio output from this box to my home theatre Samsung GT F450rk system.But the problem is my system have optical input, 3.5 mm input, analog R and L input, hdmi ARC input only.
Pls help me which type of cable should I used for Spdif connection.?
Where can I found this cable for purchase?
Will u pls Send a picture of this cable.
Ian waiting for your solution.
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Get a cable like this to connect the 3.5mm SPDIF output, a SPDIF rca/optical converter like this, and an optical SPDIF cable like this.

Alternatively, if you are using HDMI out to your TV, your TV may have an optical output to connect to your AVR nicely (what I am using)...
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