Audio Conversion question (Using Switch Sound File Converter)



I do not know if this is the correct section, but I have an audio related question. I am planning to transition from Android to Apple when I replace my Samsung Galaxy S5 to either an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. I have music stored in FLAC on my computer. I am planning to make .m4a copies of those songs to use with the iPhone. The audio conversion software that I will be using is Switch Sound File Converter. However, I am uncertain about which settings that I should use. I would like the sound quality to be either equal to or better than the sound quality from iTunes music, but I do not want a setting that could rapidly drain the battery. My encoder options are ABR which ranges from 128 kbps to 320 kbps and VBR with Quality ratings ranging from 10 to 500. Under the VBR setting, 100 = approximately 120 kbps VBR. I also have options to force MPEG2 Output and Disable Temporal Noise Shaping, both of which are unchecked by default. I am not an expert on audio settings, but I would like to have my music sound quality either equal to or better than the iTunes music quality but not drain the battery. What settings would work best? Thanks.
I am not sure that the encoder options will affect your battery life at all.
If you want to maintain quality you could convert the FLAC to ALAC files which are also lossless and will work with iTunes.
You could use an iphone app that plays FLAC files and transfer them to your phone without itunes. I use Syncios for that
If you are concerned about file size that is different. You could try different encoder options on the same file and listen to each version. I would go with 320kbps first. SInce ITunes quality is pretty low I would not use that as my benchmark.
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