Audio Technica ATH M50x or AKG K702s?


Nov 19, 2013

Today I got my GCSE results and I am really rather pleased with them, so I thought I would treat myself to a pair of over-ear headphones. Let me get straight from the outset that I am most certainly not an "audiophile", just an average consumer with an appreciation for nice headphones.

My current arrangement that I use are a pair of Monster Turbines (in ear) for general listening and a Logitch G930 headset for my PC. I will still use the Turbines for a wjile as they are still going strong and I really enjoy the sound, but as I am going into 6th form next year I would like a pair of headphones to use that will be robust enough to handle daily usage but also sound great.

I was originally looking into the Audio Technica ATH M50x ( ), as they are renowned for their excellent quality and appealing price. I then however, while browsing Amazon, stumbled upon the AKG K702's ( ). Now I appreciate that the 702s are not really designed for outside usage, but thats nothing a portable amp and carry case can't solve. My only worry is that then the 702s will be pushing £200, whereas the M50s can be had for £120 with the case and don't really need an amp due to thier low impedance.

I listen to quite a wide variety of music, so whether one is more suited to one genre shouldn't sway my decision too greatly.

My concern is that while the 702s are absolutly gorgeous, are they going to be £80 better than the M50s?

I posted this on "What HI Fi" but the thread does not seem to have appeared, if anyone can recommend a better place to ask please let me know.


Aug 18, 2013
From what I've read the AKG 702 is a flat sounding headphone. For most people this will be a turn off.

The M50x have a nice detailed sound and a good amount of bass. Originally I thought these headphones weren't all that great, but after using them with a different source my opinion of them completely changed. ssddx explained their sound signature in more detail, but I would recommend getting the M50s if you don't need the cable, or you could mod them to have a removable cable. It would save you around $10 or $20 (depends if you have the right items needed to solder with you already).



what kind of sound signature do you like? (more bass less treble, more treble less bass, neutral, more bass and treble recessed mids, enhanced mids less treble and bass)

what is your budget?

what sources will you be playing from?


i personally own the m50s just as razerz does and while i completely agree that they are overhyped and overrated by rabbid fans..... its impossible to say that they are not really good headphones for the price. they will not blow away any headphones under $300 as people claim but they more than hold their own.

keep in mind that everyone has their own ear (look... i made a pun!) for sound. we all appreciate a different particular type of sound with some prefering wide open soundstages and less bass presence, some preferring crazy amounts of bass, some caring more about how well headphones can handle intricate musical details while others for how flat response and accurate the monitors are.

sound quality on the m50s is excellent for the price if you like your sound warm (warm= a bit more bassy sound than normal) with good low end response without them being bass cannons. yes, they have a small sound stage however this is quite common for all closed designs (but the m50 is notorious for having an even smaller soundstage than most closed).

are they good for the price? yes, but i'd go m50s not m50x as the new model is almost the same as the old one but with a higher price. there are however certainly other options to consider before you make your final decision.

the build quality on the m50s however is excellent, they are built like tanks. i've carried them all over the place in their little leather carrybag and after 3-4 years of travel still look almost brand new except that they pads are hardening/cracking from sweat (they are replaceable for fairly cheap and this happens to all pads).


the k702 is a pair of open headphones which means a larger soundstage (read my guide section "headphone types" for an explanation on soundstage) than closed designs such as the m50.

almost all akg models however are extremely bass light. if you like any sort of decent bass presence then these will not provide it.

they are considered excellent headphones for people looking for a treble heavy sound without much bass and certainly fill that roll very well.

basically they are the complete opposite side of the spectrum as the m50s.. and not really compareable at all due to the major differences.


i would suggest that you get back to me with the info i asked you about earlier..

-type of sound you like

and we can work from there.

i would also suggest you do a forum search for "ssddx headphone headset" to read some of my past responses. good stuff to know there!

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