Question Audio/Video Out of Sync )Acer Aspire V Nitro

May 16, 2019
So I have a mind boggling/ blowing issue that I can not figure out a solution for.

My audio and video on the computer are out of sync. At first it was occurring with just streaming videos (Youtube, Netflix, Twich, etc..) But now it occurs in downloaded videos and even commercial DVDs. I have resorted to using programs like VLC and Kodi, because you can adjust the audio delay, but even adjusting 1ms at a time it is a very tedious process and i still can never get it quite right, then it doesn't save the setting so on the next video I have to mess with it again.

Here is the troubleshooting I have done thus far.

  1. Updated to latest Nvidia video card drivers
  2. Reverted to older drivers and reinstalled lastest
  3. Updated Audio drivers from realtek site.
  4. uninstalled realtek drivers and used MS drivers as suggested in one thread.
  5. Tried multiple OS's WIn10, WIn8. WIn7. even an old copy of WInXP I had.
  6. Doing all of the different audio settings from the speaker icon
  7. Disabling built in speaker and using headphones
  8. Disabling Dolby
  9. Changing frequency in sound settings
  10. Disabling hardware accelleration and not allowing exclusive access from applications

And everything else I could think of.

Nothing has worked. The computer is not overclocked.

I know this is not a network issue because other computers on network do not have this problem, and the same problem occurs on this computer on a different network.

Which leads me to only one remaining conclusion, that the sound delay is being caused by some hardware issue.

I have a guess as to what it might be, but I don't want to influence any advice.

So what are your thoughts, what do you think the culprit could be?