Auto Accepting Conference Solution


Oct 17, 2012
Hi Guys,

Our office is looking for a conferencing solution with a rather specific need that I haven't been able to find. Each morning we have a meeting between multiple employees to discuss our day ahead.

This occurs in our boardroom, though occasionally there will be one or more people on the road who need to participate. We want to have them call in from their smartphones (all iPhone or Android) and participate.

In the past we have tried Skype with an auto-answering plugin that would put calls into a conference call automatically but it was very buggy. We also tried GoToMeeting but it require creating multiple meetings and accepting people into them each morning.

We are an IT company so we can dedicate a computer to running any software needed. We're really like each field person to be able to call in either via a phone number or from an app on their phone and just be put into a conference. We have mic/speakers of course.

I haven't found anything that will do this smoothly with a set-and-forget kind of setup. It has always required somebody to get in early to make sure everything is ready just in case somebody needs to call in, which most days they do not. That means wasting that time every day, just in case.

Any ideas?


This sounds like you'd needs a dedicated video conference bridge that dials into the nodes setup, not a simple computer setup with cheap equipment.

If you are using a computer to do this, why not remote into the systems and set it up that way. You'd want to make sure it's running properly anyway instead of trusting it to do it automatically.


Nov 1, 2012
You can try using different web conferencing services other than gotomeeting such as WebEx, gomeetnow etc. in order to have online meeting between multiple employees. Alternatively, you may even consider deploying on premise web conferencing appliance such as RHUB appliances for conducting online meetings, webinars etc.
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