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May 27, 2008
Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I need to automatically backup (once a week) .pst files from approximately 10 different computers to 1 large backup computer. I need to either rename the files to include the date or backup these .pst files into individual files with the date they were backed up.

Some important information about our setup:
We use Google Apps Sync so our .pst files are located in C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Local\Google\Google Apps Sync

We run Windows 7 mostly (couple Win 8 machines).

I am trying to copy these files over our network

We use Office 2010/2013 (mostly 2010)

I have been trying to do this through .bat files and after 8 hours of research and testing I have only have bits and pieces of this whole process working. I am open to any and all suggestions! Thank you all for your help in advance!
You can use the built in Windows backup to do this, it will create a file name with the date/time of when the backup was done.

If you want to do this with a script, try using VBScript instead of a regular .bat file. It has a lot more options to manipulate files and folders. Just do a few code snippits, find one to rename a file or folder and then one to backup files. Together that will get you the code you need.


Jul 4, 2013
For an AUTOMATIC solution take a look at
]DataMills PST2PST Backup[/url].
It does not need any user intervention, and can work even if Outlook is in use. Furthermore, after the first full backup all subsequent backups are incremental, and yet the restore is a single session. So its saves a lots of storage space, and the users does not have to do anything for the backup to happen, plus you get email report on the backup.


Jul 11, 2013
You can try using Druva inSync for backing up Data from endpoint devices like Desktops, Laptops, Ipads, Android devices & IOS Devices.
inSync has a very unique way of backing up data. It uses app-aware data de-duplication technology to save only a single copy of duplicate emails/attachments and docs across users.
You can download Insync Professional for free and evaluate the product before purchasing the licences.

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