Av receiver and Sound card


Jul 12, 2013
Hey guys
I have an asus maximus v formula with the onboard audio with the supreme fx, a pair of sennheiser HD 558 and the Yamaha natural sound AV receiver RX-V375. with the Bose acoustimass 2.1.
now i have the pc connected with a toslink cable to the recevier and the graphics card connected to the monitor. (when gta v come out i will buy an xbox a connect it to the reciever)
the headphone are connected to the reciever with the 6mm jack

im not an audiophile but i want to listen perfect audio

my question is:
do i need a sound card ?
when i raise the volume i start to linstening a background noise with the speaker and the headphone, where is the problem ?

sorry for the English but i am Italian xD !


Your english is very good. And gratzi for the good information you have provided.

I would try and adjust windows and mother board sound settings first and hopefully that will solve the problem. You may have the settings too high. Set them at mid level and adjust until it sounds good.

The motherboard you are using is supposed to have good audio quality so you may not need a soundcard.

Happy listening, the Prisoner...


Jul 12, 2013

thanks man !!
now i have adjusted the problem with the background noise...
but i have another question: do the onboard audio will process the information or it will only send a signal to the receiver and he do the job ?
if it's like that, another sound card will not help for a better sound quality right ?


currently you are exporting audio via optical. i do believe your receiver is doing all of the processing. if there is an audio problem then i dont believe its the onboard audio.

i have the asus rampage iii extreme rog board which has the high end rog sound and i've never had a problem with it when i did use the onboard sound (ie connecting some pc speakers to the front headphone port) when playing TA since it doesnt like my sound system for some reason (its an old game). normally i export sound and audio via hdmi to my receiver.

do you intend to use the monitor for multiple devices (ie the xbox)? instead of optical i would link everything with hdmi if your receiver supports it. swapping inputs is easier and if you bought a 5.1 system in the future or expanded your system it would support uncompressed audio. optical only supports 2.1 uncompressed.

i dont think adding a soundcard would help your matter any unless for some strange reason there was a problem with your optical module in which case you should use hdmi anyways.

not sure of the quality level of your receiver without looking it up but i know that mine outputs great to my 1/4" phono plug for my studio headphones.

when you say background noise... do you mean hiss when you raise the volume or static from the source?


Jul 12, 2013
the problem was because spotify was running in the background and when i stopped it i have turned up the volume at max and i dont have heared anything.
and thanks for the explanation !

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