Banana Plug Setup Issue

May 2, 2018

I am new to the world of audio and home speaker systems, but have had some experience with car audio setups and other minor setups. A friend of mine is opening a new business and the unit already has a preexisting setup utilizing 4-6" speakers wired into the ceiling with a banana plug wall adapter plate supplying the connections to those speakers.

They wanted to setup Sirius XM through those connections, but the Sirius kit supplies only an Aux to RCA cable. I tried an adapter (female RCA to banana plug splitter), but it didn't work, and after doing some research I found out that RCA and Aux are not easily compatible with the banana plugs.

My question then is, is there a way to get Sirius working using some type of connectors, or will we need to get some type of stereo receiver with both RCA and banana plug in connections?



Nov 17, 2015
If your speakers use banana plug, then you must use the amplifier no matter what, just simply connect the siruis to the amp then that's it ! There is the cheaper option, and you can get the banana plug as well ! It's just merely an idea how simple this can set up, if you are looking for more power, then just get the higher power one !
You need a stereo receiver with speaker A + B so you can connect all four speakers. Probably doesn't need to be very powerful. The Sirius XM receiver connects to that.
I would suggest you look into getting Sirius XM online rather than from the satellite. It's much more reliable and cheaper if you already have an account for your car. You can use any old computer.
You can use a Sonos ConnectAmp or Denon HeosAmp instead of a receiver. That will power the speakers and stream not only SiriusXM but a lot more. Free apps to control either.