battery chargers help.


Dec 11, 2015
I have a 7" Notebook with a DC RATING of 9V, 1.5A. I do not know what company makes it, but if I could post a picture of the underneath someone could identify it. (I don't know how to post pictures on here) my problem is I misplaced the charger for it. I was going through my box of wires and found one that fits the plug. not sure if it is compatible with it. the chargers model # is DPX 351314 input is 120V AC 60Hz 4.9W output is 6V DC 300mA it is a CLASS 2 TRANSFORMER. UL: LISTED 73Z5 E108373. SR: LR81343. Can I use this one?

Do you happen to know the model of your laptop so we can assist you even better with that concern? You actually buy a replacement charger from Ebay or from Amazon. You just need the complete model of your laptop in order to get the exact charger for it. :)

When you have the model of your laptop, just open Google then search for "(model of the laptop) + replacement battery" and it should give you search results. Look for Ebay, Amazon, Manufacturer site of the laptop or Newegg link since they are more reliable.
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