Battery charges intermittently, BUT had work done on damaged


Jun 6, 2017
Dropped my 2010 Toshiba Satellite laptop L655-S5153 EXACTLY on charging post corner, forcing post back into computer, destroying my charger connector plug at the same time. (sad face). Paid mobile repair guy to fix it. He replaced the band (cable?)w/post, a part from another Toshiba like mine, but post was still loose because small part above plug hole was broken off. He said I would have to replace motherboard to fix it correctly, and computer wasn't worth it. (some YouTube videos indicate that might not be right info ?)
He sold me a replacement Insignia charger with several connectors, and one did fit mine, but I expressed doubt about it not being exact replacement for my laptop, he said, no problem really. I had already ordered another (cheap) charger from online whose cord was too short and kept unplugging from the AC adapter, so used the one I got from him.
The (online, cheap) replacement battery [original battery was ''bad'' before all this happened] had worked ok but now will not charge past 17%, says 'charging' but stops @ 17%, and to even get it to do that I have to unplug and replug charger a few times.
I can't figure out WHAT is the culprit.
My PC checkup program says the battery is "good" but 'empty' @ 17%. NEITHER adapter will charge the battery past 17%.
Battery began to charge to 100% (it SAID) and then computer would shut down in a few minutes on battery alone.
Sorry to write so much but it all seems to be tangled up together.
To complicate matters, I looked at Toshiba's online manual for battery info and the battery the (newly published manual) lists for this model is not the battery that was in it originally. Original battery was a PA 3817U-1BRS. New manual says correct battery would have been PA3818U-1BRS. Don't know if that matters. Replacement battery I have is same as original...PA3817-1BRS.
A new computer would be great...but my pocketbook--also my brain-- says no. I don't know jack about backing up and transferring squat. lol.

Thank you for any help you can offer me.


You have so many issues with your system that any one thing may not fix things for you. First, cheap online battery, issue one. Non-OEM charger, issue two. Loose/broken charger connection that may not be fixed properly, issue three. Not really sure what help you need here but unless you get all those squared away one at a time you are not likely to have a good working system.

For a 7 year old laptop, replace the thing, a faster working system 3-4 old should only cost $150 or so, maybe something with an AMD A6, A8, older Intel i3 or i5. Even if the issue is the low quality battery, you are still paying for a new good replacement which is not too cheap for an original battery considering the overall cost of the laptop.

You did not say how much you paid to get the plug fixed and for another battery and the cheap charger you can't use, but you trying to save money likely cost you more money on the wasted half-done work and low quality parts than you would have just replacing the laptop. A full working laptop like yours should be at most $120, maybe 130.
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