Battery doesn't charge, ac adapter stops working if battery inserted

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Jun 3, 2016
Ok Guys

So I have this weird problem with my laptop battery. The battery works fine and the AC adapter is also working. It's working together that is the problem.

So each time I plug the AC adapter in, the little green light slowly dies and the battery doesn't charge. I have to then remove the battery, run the pc with just the charger, disable the battery in the device manager, plug the battery in and reenable it again to get the battery charging.

If the power goes out (I live in SA) or I need to move the laptop and unplug the charger, I need to do this process all over again, otherwise the adapter doesn't work and the green light dies again.

Even though I have formatted my PC a year or so ago to increase performance and try and sort this problem out, as well as upgrading to windows 10, the adapter and battery will work together perfectly for a few time of unplugging and then the whole problem just starts over again.

Please, can anybody help me I have tried everything to fix this problem?

*let me just add that the battery and the ac adapter both work fine on their own, it's when the battery is already in the pc and i plug the adapter in that it fails.

Im Spartacus

Mar 25, 2015
What make is your laptop certain makes of laptop run diagnostics on start up checking hardware if the A/C it has is not producing the required power they can refused to charge from boot up thus shutting off charging circuits. As you had charge in your lappy battery the laptop boots and thus diagnostics does not shut off the charging circuitry. That's what I believe is occurring. That's why some folk have to buy manufacturers A/C adaptors only they also check for these on boot up. Dells are known to do this..
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