Solved! Battery draining quickly even when plugged in & idle

Jun 5, 2019

I have an old 2010 MacBook 7,1 with 8gb RAM and SSD which I recently did a clean install of macOS High Sierra.

I understand the battery won’t last as long on a newer operating system but it really does drains much faster than I would have expected even when idle and no apps open. Basically every app (safari no tabs open etc) says using significant energy even with no other apps open. Spotlight has finished indexing.

Currently I have just left it to sync emails in the Apple mail app and despite being plugged into mains power, the battery has drained from 100% down to 92% in 20 minutes. Why would the battery be draining when it is plugged into the mains power. The menubar says it is plugged in and the MagSafe light remains green.

The battery is in good condition and I had no issues prior to updating.

Any help would be appreciated.
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