Solved! I put laptop in freezer, battery is now draining fast

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Oct 14, 2021
So my laptop was overheating just when I started it, I decided to put it in the freezer for awhile. I've been doing this quite often, I usually leave it in there for about 5 minutes then take it out. But today, I left it in there for about 30-40 minutes because I forgot.

When I took it out, it was a lil icey, started to defrost, and there were some water droplets, I waited for everything to dry off, and also wiped away the water with a cloth. Let it sit for about 30minutes or so, and then turned it back on. I had it plugged it initially. Then when it was fully charged I removed the plug.


The battery is draining insanely fast... it only lasted 15 minutes or so and it shut down. When I plugged it back in and it rebooted, the system showed a screen diagnosing my laptop's problems
"system temperature too low, please have laptop _ or try running it for longer hours"
something like that, I don't remember exactly

So like what do I do?? I was thinking of having it plugged it for a few hours then take it out and see if the battery still drains.... I really hope this isn't going to be a big issue i'm so dumb

Also i attached a record of the battery life just to show how fast it drained....

Start timeStateSourceCapacityremaining
2021-10-1401:24:53ActiveBattery98 %48,602 mWh
02:10:59Connected standbyBattery88 %43,767 mWh
02:10:59ActiveBattery88 %43,767 mWh
02:18:48Connected standbyBattery86 %42,720 mWh
02:18:48Suspended86 %42,720 mWh
12:52:49ActiveAC9 %2,633 mWh
13:33:57Connected standbyAC67 %20,282 mWh
13:36:30ActiveAC70 %21,283 mWh
13:37:03Connected standbyAC71 %21,606 mWh
13:40:18ActiveAC76 %23,008 mWh
13:40:49Connected standbyAC76 %23,223 mWh
13:45:21ActiveAC82 %24,902 mWh
13:45:53Connected standbyAC82 %25,071 mWh
13:53:02ActiveAC89 %27,104 mWh
14:50:01Battery changedAC--
15:06:09Battery changedBattery100 %1,278 mWh
15:06:09ActiveBattery100 %1,278 mWh
15:14:24ActiveAC8 %108 mWh
15:14:49Connected standbyAC7 %92 mWh
15:14:49Suspended7 %92 mWh
15:16:07Connected standbyAC7 %92 mWh
15:16:43ActiveAC73 %939 mWh
15:17:28Report generatedAC73 %939 mWh
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