Battery leaked in my graphic tablet's pen


Nov 6, 2013
hello , a few weeks ago i bought (genius graphic tablet mousepen m508)
every thing worked very well until yesterday when i found that the battery leaked inside the pen
and it's no more working , i cleaned the pen from inside carefully but still not working
what should i do ?


May 26, 2009
Hmm, Are the battery contacts clean no residue left on them? It is possible that it leaked into the pens circuitry, and I have no idea if that could have caused permanent damage (if the acid is corrosive) or it just needs to be cleaned more thoroughly.


May 26, 2009
Vinegar and using a Q-Tip should help in removing battery acid from a leaked battery. I have no idea on how to open that pen. I would try cleaning the surfaced where the battery connects with vinegar and a Q-Tip and replacing the battery with a new one and see what happens.

If there are no visible screws to take apart the pen then you have to be rather careful, as it may be held together by some plastic clips. You may just be better off buying a new pen.

The battery you were using was that provided by the manufacturer?
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