Battery not charging, AC adaptor not helping

Buff Buffdolls

May 11, 2015
I have a Toshiba P50 Satallite laptop. I believe I damaged the AC port, so I ordered the part and replaced it. The laptop WILL power on, but it won't /stay/ on. After about 1 minute, it still reports 0 charge on battery and powers down. It does recognize the cord, and even says its charging, but it doesn't charge and doesn't stay on with the ac adaptor plugged in. Is this issue my battery, or is it my plug? Or something else?


Apr 25, 2013
Hello Buff Buffdolls

Although in most cases the problem is with the IC responsible for charging the laptop's battery, if you have already replaced the power jack, you may want to try a different battery that you can borrow from any of your friends before you finally purchase a new one for you.

But before that, can you please check if the laptop turns on and runs smoothly with the direct power supply, i.e. after removing the battery and connecting the power cable to its power jack?

Good Luck!! :)
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