Battery not detecting. Laptop works only when charger plugged in


Mar 13, 2017
Short story: Non-removable laptop battery, battery doesn't detect, want to reset the battery with reset button under pinhole at the back.
I want to know if the following actions will be safe or not
1. Shutdown, disconnect charger, press power button and reset button simultaneously. Connect charger, turn on.
2. Shutdown, keep charger plugged in, press reset button. Disconnect and reconnect charger and turn on.
3. With laptop on, disconnect charger, press reset button, Connect charger and turn on.
4. With laptop on, press reset button [I guess it will turn off after this]
5. With laptop on and charger connected, press power button and reset button simultaneously, then disconnect and reconnect charger and turn on.

I have tried the normal way of resetting the battery:
1. Shutdown, remove charger, press reset button for few seconds [Tried thrice with 3,4,10 seconds press, no effect]
2. Shutdown by holding power button, remove charger and press reset button.

Can't remove battery because of warranty. I need my laptop every day [for next two months] so I can't send it to service center, they will keep me waited for weeks.

Thanks in advance.

Long story:
I bought Acer V3-574G-54VY laptop three months ago. I use it everyday for 4-10 hrs with frequent charging and discharging of the battery. I encountered an issue last week. It doesn't boot up without charger plugged in. The battery icon has a WHITE CROSS. It appears as if it doesn't detect the non-removable battery at all. (In my old laptop running same version of windows, the battery icon showed a RED cross when battery is not present, it had removable battery)

This doesn't look normal-

Here's what the battery icon says-

I read a thread where someone had a similar issue and he got it solved by pressing the battery reset button under a pinhole located at the back. I tried the same thing, but it didn't work for me.

I turned off my laptop then removed the AC charger and pressed the reset button with a pin for 10 secs. Then pressed the power button. It didn't boot up. Then I connected the charger and it booted up normally but alas the battery still shows the same white cross.

I want to know what exactly happens when I press reset button. I know my laptop battery is fine, I just need to reset it in the right way. I am gonna try the reset button in different situation but I am not sure if my actions would be safe or not.
Actually, the battery is removable, just being easy to remove or not is a whole other story.

If the laptop is under warranty still, contact the manufacturer about a replacement battery.

If it isn't under warranty then you are going to have to purchase and replace the battery yourself, or take it to a shop that can do it for you.
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