beep noise continuosly on turning the laptop on


Feb 17, 2015
For the last few months I have been encountering a problem with my
LENOVO G580 Laptop.
It was bought 2 years ago.
It has been constantly producing BEEP SOUND as soon as I switch on my
Laptop.The Laptop takes about 2-3 minutes for opening(i.e. to show the windows symbol at the start) producing the
BEEP SOUND all along with ablack screen.Next,Initially,after opening the TOUCHPAD becomes too
laggy but as soon as I press any key in the keypad, touchpad functions
well but again becomes laggy and I have to constantly keep on pressing
keys for the proper functioning of the Touchpad.Again,sometimes when I
open any folder and search something,I find that the BACK OPTION at the left corner of screen is not
highlighted.As a result I have to cut it and again search inside the
folder.After I cut the FIRST FOLDER and try to open another folder
instead of opening the new folder the previous folder is opened and
only when I cut the previous folder then only the new folder is
opened,that means the new folder is at the back of the previous
folder.Again sometimes whenever I open a folder it asks me if I want to delete it.
No more major problems other than those mentioned above are observed.
Can you tell me on LOGICAL BASIS & PRELIMINARY GUESSING what and where
is the problem and how much it will cost for repairing..
Please suggest me what I should do.It would be very kind of you.


Try resetting the BIOS to default settings. If that doesn't help my guess would be that either the keyboard or touchpad are failing, thus the error codes (Beeps) that you are hearing. Those beeps signify a detected hardware error of some kind.

It may also be an issue with the hard drive or memory.

I'd download and run both Seatools for windows, to check the hard drive, (Run the short drive self test and long generic) and Memtest.

Seatools for windows:

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