BenQ W1070 randomly blacks out and searches for signal


Jun 3, 2015
I have a BenQ W1070 and love it. However, I have one super annoying issue. Periodically it loses its signal and shows the black “searching for signal” screen for a few seconds. At times this seems to happen at random but it seems to flow with power fluctuations in our house. Also, if I have my gaming PC hooked up as the video source (through a receiver) the projector searches for signal every time I “Alt-Tab” out of a game. It also often (but not always) happens when our Roku automatically starts playing the next episode of a TV show.
To give you an idea of my setup, I have my receiver and various input boxes (digital tuner, BR player, PC, Roku) under the screen and a 50 ft HDMI cable running up one wall, through the attic, and down the other wall to the projector in a tall piece of furniture.
I have tested the setup with:
A different HDMI cable (run through the room instead of the walls)
Plugging the projector into another wall socket farther from the other equipment (on a different breaker)
Plugging the receiver into a battery backup
Ensured that auto source searching is turned off on the BenQ
All of these tests did not appear to have a material impact on the frequency of the “black-outs”
The black-out/signal searching tends to last about 3-4 seconds and the audio from the show/movie continues from the receiver the whole time.
If I simply replace the W1070 with my HP QHD monitor, the issues seem to go away. I can alt-tab to my heart’s content without the screen blacking out.
It doesn’t seem like a huge deal but this is kind of driving my wife and me nuts to the point where I have considered changing to a different projector.
Any help or new tests to run would be greatly appreciated and please let me know if there is any other information needed.
Also, I apologize if this question has already been answered. I don't know the technical name for what is going on and have fruitlessly searched for any type of documentation on this issue.


Jan 22, 2016
what i started doing was changing over to VGA input, waiting a few seconds for it to search, then going back to HDMI1, or 2 and the picture comes back. switching between HDMI1 and 2 does not produce any results.