best 1080p, touchscreen laptop


Jul 28, 2013
So, my girlfriend needs a laptop for editing video/photo editing etc. ( i told her to get desktop, but she doesn't want to). Her requirements are 1080p screen and touchscreen.Her is budget approximately $1300

I found a few options that she might
Samsung ativ book 6

ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j000 Quad Edition

sony vaio fit 15.

my knowledge of editing video's and etc is severely limited, so i don't know what to look for.

Doe's she need ssd?

does she need decent graphics card or something like intel hd 4000 would suffice?

Would i7-3537U be enough, or i need to look for Intel Core i7 3635QM/ i7-4700MQ? I know she could get away anything, i just don't want to waste money..

Thank you so much for your help.

p.s. she want's her laptop to be "pretty" and not too big.. thanks again

p.p.s. she's not going to play video games, besides sims 3, or sims 4 when it comes out..