Best Budget Speakers


Nov 15, 2016
I currently have headphones like these ones and I am very happy with them:

I also have this Anker bluetooth speaker, which I don't like so much:

I'm thinking of replacing the speaker. I'm not expecting spectacular quality, but I can hear a big difference between the speaker and the headphones. My requirements are:

1. I would like to be able to listen to something like the Brandenburg Concertos and hear all the parts clearly.
2. Plays music while charging
3. Connects to a modern laptop, ideally wirelessly
4. Loud enough to hear comfortably at about 3 meters.
5. Not too expensive - maybe up to about £100.

What speaker would you recommend? If I am being unreasonable with my requirements, that is also useful information.
earphones have much easier job delivering good sound to you ears because there is not a whole lot of air they have to deal with.

For classical, I'd think you want sealed speakers, nothing with a hole (bass reflex). Unfortunately budget speakers, all vendors seem to think at this price level everybody is listening to rap and they tend to sell your bass reflex to re-enforce the lows or tune them in such a way, again the to give you a bump on the lows, which you don't want for clarity. Clarity for budget speakers not easy.

Wireless, while obviously convenient introduces difficulty toward good sound, I read somewhere people look for class-1 bluetooth for good sonic quality but I know next to nothing about this subject so no help here.

I wish I can tell you, a-ha, buy THIS, it's the best budget buy, give you reasonable sonic quality, and I can attest because I have actually listened to them and... unfortunately if I have that kind of information, I'd a super salesman somewhere raking in the commission$$$


Jan 27, 2012
Can you swing a bose soundlink mini?

Thing is incredible, i listen to it constantly. I have an older model, not the newest edition.

I don't prefer it over my amplified speakers and powered sub... but that is an 11 speaker set up that is FAR from portable.

For its portability i don't believe any other device even comes close.
It certainly meets all of your requirements, except the one about price - i imagine it will be outside of the budget slightly.