Question Best cabling choice from stereo receiver to Bluetooth transmitter

Dec 10, 2019
What's the best output connection method from my 1970s stereo receiver to a bluetooth transmitter? My Miccus transmitter has a 3.5mm input and an optic audio input and I can split either into RCA plugs, speaker wire ends, or headphone plugs. I'm playing CDs for the most part. For the best sound should I connect to the headphone jack, tape-monitor "out" jacks (with CD patched into tape "in"), or speaker terminals? Or doesn't it matter?


It does not matter since once you hit the bluetooth transmitter you will loose whatever signal you had coming to it. Pretty much any wired connection would carry more details than bluetooth. You will need to use the headphone out anyway, I doubt the tape monitor out or speaker terminals will work at all with the transmitter.
Can you connect the CD player to an unused input? Anything other than phono is fine.
If you can't the output of the CD player won't be available as the source for the transmitter if you connect it to the tape record output. You can get an external input selector to expand the number of inputs. An AV input selector will work fine.
The tape record output will drive the BT transmitter just fine. It is fixed volume so you won't overload the transmitter input the way you might with the headphone output. Speaker output would require a speaker to line level converter.
Another advantage is you can use the wired speakers at the same time as the BT speaker. The volume of the wired speakers won't affect the BT speaker volume.
Dec 10, 2019
Thanks to you both. Using the RCA input plugs on the back of the transmitter, I've tried all options (CD as the Tape-1 input on the stereo and then Tape-1 out into the transmitter; headphone jack that splits into RCA ends; and speaker terminal connections with RCA ends into the back of the transmitter). I should have mentioned that the bluetooth signal is going to powered speakers with volume control, which is the control I am using to adjust volume. Anyway, there's no difference in audio quality that I can tell, other than I need to keep the stereo volume at a modest level when the headphones or speaker terminals are the source. And also locate the transmitter a foot or two away from the receiver; there is some sort of harshness/feedback otherwise. Given that, the Tape-1 input/output seems to be the "cleanest" signal to use since it's not "processed" through the receiver. And yes, Phil, I can adjust volume separately on two pairs of speakers that way, and that is a scenario that occurs.
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