Best cpu change in acer aspire 5930g plz help



Hello,there i love my acer aspire 5930g cpu P7350 2.0Ghz duo. ive read on sites/forums that its not so hard to change cpu i think these
was insallable
Intel® Core™2 T9600 2.8GHz (6MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [-$350]
Intel® Core™2 Extreme X9100 3.06GHz (6MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB) [+$0]
Intel® C

but is there possible to install even better cpu like one in the I-7core series or I-5core?

if not witch is the best and will there be a big noticable difference?
2. if there is will there be problem with overheating im asking because i never turn my lappy off. and even if no software is running. after a day i can hear the fan working higher. so wouldnt like to take any chanses so if anybody knows if a better fan is also installable. if not what will happen when/if i install a better cpu? would be boaring with overhaet shutdowns.

any help whith this matter or somebody maybe done cpu change in this model would help alot much thx in advance
ps:why i dont wanna buy a new acer is because i hate the 15.6" screen this is 15.4" seems like small difference but i think its to wide and dont know why almost all manufac. doing 15.6 when 98% have vga/hdmi cable to tv when watching movies


The ones you mentioned will work, as they are the same socket as your current chip. A newer chip like an i7 will not work, as they use a completely different socket, i.e. you would need a whole new motherboard. In regard to overheating, you risk possibly overextending the current heat sink in your laptop by putting in a higher performing CPU, i.e. more heat generation. You can off set this to a degree by purchasing a new fan that spins faster than the stock one.

Generally though, when it comes to these matters, I never recommend attempting to upgrade a laptop CPU. Simply put, it is a real pain in the butt to tear a laptop down. But if you want to go that route, check out the sticky thread at the top of the forum on how to take apart a laptop (you will need to tear it all the way down).


thx for so quick reply @buwish hmm tear it all down OMG that kinda stuff i wouldnt even try. but are u sure its like that for all lappys (the tearing part). because i read in another forum were i found these 2 cpu's that in this acer 5930g have a really big back lid that have easy acess to everyting basicly if u could take a look u even see the fan on one pic. but dont know about the cpu. the guy in other forum said he put in the T9600 and that it was easy quote"childs play" so wanted a second opinion thats why i posted here thought it was bull. because i also have agree with you about upgrading lappys heard almost impossible for a guy with no skills whats so ever in how lappys is set up. ive only changed harddrive on anoter lappy and changed RAM. that was easy. but if u would take a look at theese pics of backside on my lappy and give me an opinion if u think it can be done without the "tearing part :D" fan looks easy if needed but cpu no clue. anybody done upgrade on this model?? and the biggest question is how much will the change be dont understand the the benchmark test of cpu's what all numbers mean but hers a list of all cpu's best-worst

the only thing i understand is my cpu is on place 95 and if i understand u right with sockets i could even go for this X9100 on 19th place or T9900 on 20 place and if u see the watt colum both are only 35watt if it means like in a light bulb that=in theory much better cpu but no need for fan change like if i would take the X9100 thats 45watt and what i understand more suited for gaming when i googled little.
but am i right about them having same socket u mentioned and that watt colum means like it sound that no need for better fan if watt isnt higher or what?
plz take a look at both links here all lappy cpu benchmark test
and what u think by these pics can the cpu be reached from behind witout tearing :) in ur oppinion
this is a quote
When we remove the bottom cover, we can see the CPU and the GPU, and also access the RAM modules. So, it should not be a problem to upgrade the RAM capacity. (middle of page)
if u see this answer plz answer back thx again for ur answer and knowledge will check out the tearing forum meanwhile


edit: see my P7350 95th place is 25watt not 35 like T9900 but maybe 10watt not so much of a deal but X9100 is 45 so there im sure fan needed if i got this with watt right.
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