Best free email backup software

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Jun 9, 2012
Hi all. I know that this is the wrong subforum, but I could not find the right one.

I am looking for a way of permanently archiving my emails, with the ability to keep browsing them. My email will soon no longer function and I would like to keep the emails for myself.

I downloaded thunderbird and backed it up by copying the 'Profiles' folder.

But it is not so great for browsing, unless I have thunderbird installed.

Is there a software that will archive it and make it a nice folder, with many subfolders etc. (i.e. for example conversation chains in one folder etc.)?

I also saw

It email backup as well, with thunderbird I might add, but I don't understand what is suggested there and if it better then to just copy the profiles folder.

That article says it with simple words:
Configuring Thunderbird with POP3 access (consult your current ISP about details) will make it pull the emails and store them locally.
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