Best Solution of GPS Receiver in laptop. mini PCIe or USB?


Nov 18, 2015
Hello. need advice. I have available mini PCIe slot in my laptop. I need GPS receiver to use it with digital nautical chart software in my ship. My question:

What's the best solution, accuracy and antenna for mini PCIe as a GPS card? What's the difference between Mini PCI-express Wireless 3G WWAN GPS Card and PCIe Mini GPS Module Card?

I guess it means that 3G WWAN GPS works only with sim card and shore GPRS connection (in sea ussualy not available) ? PCIe mini GPS module card works anywhere as USB GPS receiver with antenna? Is standart integrated laptop wireless antenna enough for PCIe mini GPS module card? PCIe card latitude/longitude detecting automatically without any software? In online shop usually PCIe GPS module cards are withour any software, i think this causes more problems than USB GPS receiver which usually has software. What's your opinion guys?
I would use a USB "hockey puck" so that you can run a cable to get the most unobstructed view of the sky. Get one that supports WAAS for improved accuracy.