Best starter monitor headphones for general electronic music production?


Aug 7, 2013
Greetings to all. In preparation for my upcoming computer setup this September, which I've planned to be a simple home studio, gaming rig, and home office all in one, I've been thinking of upgrading my audio peripherals. I've been stuck with consumer-level headphones for all my life, and a few songs I've made were done using those, which I now feel weren't really built to be used for music production. Now that I am once again undertaking music making, this time I'm not gonna stick with some run-in-a-mill headphones. Supposedly it should be a monitor headphone as research dictates, something that will give clarity to almost all parts of a song: from the deepest bass, to the highest screams. It would pretty much help me determine parts of the unfinished song that needs readjusting or a total make-over.

Now comes the dying question: What type of monitor headphone is best for my type of style? I'm just starting off with the music industry, I'm more of an electro genre and all subgenres under it: trance, dubstep, chillout, hardstyle, etc. I've heard many a great reviews about the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, and some decent ones from AKG. There's also this Marshall Monitor headphone I'm eying on. But there's not a lot of reviews about it to satisfy my taste. Oh and of course we can't forget the budget... yeah, as usual here comes the budget: every tech-savvy dude and babe's worst enemy. Mine is under $200.

I'm hoping the forum here would have knowledge to help out. It's just my first time taking this headphone thing really seriously.

Thank you oh so much, once again! :D


Jan 17, 2013
ATH-M50 is the way to go. they're one of the best midrange headsets goin. very balanced soundstage and detailed midrange and treble. relative to its price, it's extremely tough to beat, and thus is often a top choice for entry / mid level monitor cans.

best of luck and happy listening :)