Best Under $300 dollar laptop


Nov 7, 2012
I know i might be asking for too much, but here goes:

-IDC about the size
-IDC if windows 8 or 7. Im gonna get 7 for free from my school anyway.
-Really, really need an optical drive.
-4GB RAM but if there's a 2GB that really is worth it, its ok.
-Not a tiny HDD, I think I can manage with 320 or MAYBE a little less.

Well, those are the details im looking for. My top 2 contenders right now are:

Dell Inspiron 15.6"

And Toshiba Satellite C55D 15.6"

The toshiba has a videocard and AMD dual core CPU (tends to make computers cheaper when they have AMD). This tells me that the toshiba might be a bit better BUT the Dell's price in amazon is $45 more expensive than the toshiba on amazon and the same dell on best buy.

Doubt: Amazon says the toshiba has DIMM RAM and the Dell has DDR3. If i'm not wrong, DDR3 is a type of DIMM, isn't it?

Thank you for everything and sorry for being so needy and bossy :S