Question Beyerdynamics mx300 II Mic problem

Nov 1, 2019
Hello, I have recently purchased a set of Beyerdynamics MX300 II. I have a lot of problems with the microphone. It does not really sound the way I want it to. I'm pretty sure the quality of the mic itself is pretty good, and when I listen to recorded reviews the mic sounds great.
I have tried almost everything, I have gone out and bought soundcards, two externals, the Asus xonar u7 mkii which didnt really work, and now im trying the Sound Blasterx G6 and its still not better.

I will mention, however, that the sound itself is pretty good and im well satisfied.

But the mic still does not sound the way I want it to, I want it to pretty clean and sound good. My friends on Discord and Teamspeak is saying that its impressive.

What equipment do I need? What can I do, I feel like I have tried a lot of things in windows aswell, and no one have the right answars to fix my issue.


Having it "sound the way you want it to" is a huge and possibly impossible task to accomplish in many cases. People spend thousands of dollars on equipment over many years at times and never get thing to "sound they way they want it to". You will need to specify exactly what you don't like. What is the issue with the mic compared to what you think it should sound like? Did you contact the company support for any suggestions?