BI-AMPING Front speakers +Center


Jan 5, 2013
i have sc-57 pioneer
i work with BI-AMPING Front speakers +Center

Looking for three excellent speakers for 4500$

I heard KLIPSCH Works great with BI-AMPING


Feb 8, 2013
Why are you wanting to BiAmp? Are you wanting to BiAmp all three speakers? Will you have a powered subwoofer? To BiAmp the front speakers will require six channels of amplification. I'm a little baffled. I have a 5.1 system and no biamping. 200 watts per channel at 8 ohms and its as good as most digital movie theaters. Adaptive di-poles in the rear.
If you mean that your receiver allows you to use four channels of power to drive the front speakers then you can use any speaker that has bi-wire terminals. This means there are separate +/- terminals for the bass and mid/tweeters in each speaker. You will need to remove the metal bridge that connects the 2 pluses to each other and 2 minus to each other.
You cannot usually biamp the center channel since the receiver will probably not allow for this.
Also be aware that while it will provide more total power it does not let the crossover in the speaker allocate that power where it is most needed so you may have more power than you need for the mid/tweeters and not enough for the woofers.
Your budget is high enough that you should visit local dealers and audition speakers. I think you can get something better than Klipsch but your ears are the only way to know.