Black screen displays on external monitor only


Mar 7, 2016
Hi all,

I have such a weird problem. my laptop was working fine and I was playing then suddenly the game froze and I had blue screen then the laptop went off. I tried to open it and see what's wrong " the screen was working " but when I put things back and tried to turn it on the screen was black and it didn't boot. I knew using an external monitor that the hard disk died. I went and bought a new one and using an external monitor I formatted it and it worked fine ONLY on the external monitor as its primary Display. I tried so many solutions, reinstalled windows, drivers from Hp support and BIOS update but I still have the problem that the screen is black, even though the laptop boots and can even play games on external monitor. When I try to detect other displays it shows that there's another available output : AMD etc " my graphics card " but down it says beside " multiple display : No display detected ". for more information, when I press F4 and choose projector " PC only " is shows only on external monitor, is I choose second projector " No signal " , Duplicate it shows only on external but lower resolution and in AMD settings " detected display " it shows the TV #1 and another Unknown display with laptop screen icon. please help cause I searched for all common problems or ways but nothing worked!! I also cleaned the motherboard with a cleaner and made sure that all cables are connected well..

I have Hp pavilion 15-n083sa
AMD Radeon HD 7620G/8670M Dual GPU

This pic I took while i'm using TV when I duplicate, it shows an unknown display adapter which is " i think " my laptop's screen