Black screen with everything else working. Possible Nvidia display driver error


Dec 16, 2015
The screen is black but I can see the back light functioning but can't see bios screen too. The screen dims after some time am assuming the time for boot and then turns black with more back light again. On a hunch I typed the password and could hear my Skype turning on. Also the lights for caps lock, Bluetooth, and WiFi are all working.
My OS is Windows 8.1 Pro. My PC is acer aspire 4520.
It could be related to Nvidia display driver error because when I would play videos or Skype or play games screen would go blank for 30sec to1.5 mins and then would turn on with notification that Nvidia display driver stopped working temporarily. This Complete blank screen happened once before too and it started working in a couple of days.
After keeping screen on for about 5 mins, screen starts flickering with few horizontal white thin lines. Sometimes (once or twice) I can see a huge white shape all over the screen that resembles a rorschach inkblot.
There has been no spillage of any liquid. I have tried to hard reset it. I have run it on solely battery and solely on AC. Air vents seem to be clean with no dust in them. No external devices are attached while turning on. I am fairly certain that there was no overheating but have left the laptop on on a bed a few times.
I think thats all. Please help.
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