Blank Screen, No Power.


Aug 21, 2012
I have an HP pavilion dv6500 entertainment notebook pc. I use it mostly to watch videos, email and basic web surfing. However one day it stopped responding and shut down When I press the power button nothing turns on. The light that tells me that the battery is connected is on but nothing else is responsive. I've had this laptop for a couple of years now and nothing like this has happened before. Need some help please.

could be a few thing. on old laptops the battery's go bad over time and people dont realize there running on the ac brick 24/7. till the brick or the ac adaptore wiring breaks. if you have a volt meter or a comp store near you have them read the brick dc output to see if it within spec. also check the brick wiring if it twisted or cut. or if the pin missing the anti short ring. (sometime over time that ring falls out or wears out and the dc pin shorts out the mb. also check that the mb power pin not broken. if it is it may have shorted the laptop out. if it not the pin or brick. take out the battery flip the unit over and check that the ram stick are seated on the bottom of the laptop. then flip the laptop over and check that the cpu heat sink and cpu is seated. (old laptop just power off most time is a fan failure or the cpu got to hot and shut down to save the laptop..) the last issue is the mb just died from age. i would check your hp with the older recalls for bad video chipset from a few years ago. there were a few class action to replace the laptops and or the system boards. your usint may fall into the recall if it has the right age and ser#.