Solved! Blind AD user husband and sighted wife want new TV with headphone only AD!!!

Jan 29, 2019
My husband is blind and has been using wired headphones from a Panasonic TV (all old tech we want to upgrade now) we like to watch TV together but I don't want the AD it's very annoying. We only have space for 43" screen. Can this work with a Blue Tooth connection to new headphones for him while still putting sound through the speakers to me. We've not bought any of this yet, but feel it ought to be possible. We would like as good sound quality as possible so any suggestions as to brands which are better, a sound bar would be fine too.


What is this AD you are talking about? If you get a optical spliter for the TV audio out you can stick a bluetooth adapter to one port and then connect the soundbar to the other. This soundbar may have ability to connect a bluetooth headset to it directly, but it's not cheap

Another thing, if he is blind and not deaf or has hearing issues, why a headphone at all? What is wrong with just listening through the speaker?

It's an alternate audio track where a narrator describes what's going on in the video. It's one of the available audio tracks broadcast with some shows.

This is a pretty good question. I can see it being relevant not only for households with a blind person, but households which speak multiple languages where some want to listen to a program in English, others wish to hear an alternate language track. Those are also stored as a separate audio track. I know some computer video players can output multiple audio tracks simultaneously, but I dunno about TVs.