Block Outgoing Texts and Calls

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Nov 29, 2013
Hi all,

I'm having difficulty understanding why anyone hasn't invented a clean app that does what I list below. It seems simple to me, and I need it to prevent myself from making outgoing calls and texts to certain numbers for reasons not to be discussed here (no willpower). I'm considering switching from an iPhone to another phone because as I understand Apple doesn't allow app designers to have such control over their phone.

1) I download a program, and make is password protected so that in order to any of the following listed below, I need to enter that password. I would either ask someone I trust to enter that password or choose something random and throw it away.

2) enter a list of numbers that the phone will BLOCK me from either sending an outgoing text to, or make an outgoing call to AS WELL as denying and deleting incoming texts and calls from those numbers. I don't want this controlled by contact, just the raw numbers themselves as I'd like and hope to eventually forget them and not be able to retrieve them from my contacts.

I would think this would be very simple, similar to setting email filtering rules. If, then, delete, move, etc. You would almost think the phones themselves would have this capability.

I would be willing to pay upwards of $50 for an app that ACTUALLY did all of those things. Essentinally 4 FOUR things, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there. Why is that? Am I missing something?
there is no need for an app.

your phone provider can likely do this.

i dont know what provider you have but this is what verizon wirless allows..

Option 1: Free Blocking
If you stay on the "Call & Message Blocking" tab inside the Verizon Safeguards section of your Verizon account, you'll see a place where you can add up to five phone numbers. Once you add these numbers in the text boxes provided, you'll be unable to send outgoing text messages to them. However, you'll also be unable to place outgoing phone calls to these numbers, as well as receive calls or texts from them. This free blocking service is only temporary; you have to re-add the numbers every 90 days.

Option 2: Blocking for $5
If you want to add more than five blocked numbers to your Verizon account -- or wish to avoid having to re-add those numbers to your blocked list every 90 days -- then you can sign up for a monthly service through Verizon. For about $5 a month, Verizon's Usage Controls let you block up to 20 numbers at a time; these numbers will remain on your blocked list until you remove them. Just as with the free call and text blocking service, you won't be able to place outward calls or receive incoming calls or texts from the numbers listed in your blocked section. The $5 monthly charge is per line; if you wish to add the Usage Controls service to multiple lines on the same account, you have to pay an additional fee.

Option 3: Free Restricting
Verizon offers a third option for blocking outgoing texts. The more specialized Block Picture And Video Messaging option allows you to block outgoing texts that include multimedia technology; this free feature also blocks incoming multimedia texts. You'll still be able to send outgoing and receive incoming texts that include just that -- text. As with the other two blocking options, you must add the phone numbers you want to block using the controls inside your Verizon account online.

basically it blocks you from receiving txt+call and from making txt+call to those numbers. convenient and exactly what you wanted.


Jul 29, 2014
SPRINT has a usage control option that is a $5 monthly charge but it will block any outgoing messages or calls. You can even set it to do so at a certain time of the day automatically. The only issue is that this only works for Android phones so having an iPhone there is no option.
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