Blue screen problem


Oct 3, 2017
I having a Blue screen problem, its says video tdr failure or somekind like that.
am pretty confuse after I manage to fix it via googling the answer.
from try to back up, still no use, chaging ati bla bla file and eventually it fix after i reboot it.
it brough me back to normal windows but I realize my amd driver is off soo I manage to update the driver and its says already the latest but its still showing the yellow warning.
so i try to install my amd catalyst and not until it finish instal the screen is blank and after that restart and showing back the bloody blue screen, and showing the exact problem.
please i really need my laptop cause all my study data in it.
the beginning of this problem when a raise up my graphic in amd graphic control and increase my sharp edge (I dont really remeber what was written there) into 100 (normally 50) cause i kinda realize my video graphic mess up so i think its should fix the problem but eventually mess my laptop.
I hope you can help me.


Jun 5, 2017
Atikmdag.sys and atikmpag.sys are the AMD display drivers, because you altered them you got problems with the AMD display.

What laptop model do you have?
From where did you download the AMD installer?
Is the BIOS updated? (Check laptop manufacturer support page for latest BIOS updates)