Bluetooth connection to Panasonic TV


Feb 26, 2017
I have a Panasonic TX-48AX630B TV. It is connected to a SKY Q box via HDMI. It also connected to a Bose TV sound box via and optical sound cable/link. The TV has a 3.5m sound jack port. I can get sound through a headset when it is plugged directly into the TV via the 3.5 m jack although the sound volume is controlled by the TV setup programme. However, I cannot seem to link via bluetooth if I use bluetooth headphones and plug a TaoTronics adapter into the 3.5m jack. I seem to have problems pairing the 2 and get no sound whatsoever through the headphones. I am not sure if it is possible to get a bluetooth connection with this TV. It has a setup/pairing programme but this refers only to keyboards/mice and does nothing if used with headphones. Any suggestions please on how to get a bluetooth headphones connection?
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