Bluetooth doesnt work


Nov 8, 2012
my phone and my computer are connected and i can send stuff from my computer to my phone but not the other way. i am not sure what the problem is, bu some while ago, the option for send via: bluetooth (with the right click) disappeared. i still had the icon in the right bottom corner but i couldnt do anything with it. then i asked google and i dont remeber what i did, but somehow i installed som system for xp. the graphics was changed and also the icon. and i didnt send thing with right click-send-bluetooth, there was already an option there send to G1235 (my phone). but now even that is gone and i dont know what to do. i reinstalled all the drivers and everything goes fine until the computer wont install a driver (it says unidentified device:error). so to sum up: i cant send things from my phone to the computer and the original bluetooth program for sending from computer is gone. can you help?