Question Bluetooth not sent all file types


Apr 3, 2015
Hello everyone.

Please, I am trying to find the solution many days now to the following issue:

On my Motorola Moto G32, Bluetooth, via a not phone's file manager, is not sending all file types (message is 'file unknown file not sent').

I have installed ES File Explorer, and via ES File Explorer are sent specific and little tyle of files (eg .mp3 , .jpg). But, if I try to send eg .apk or .pdf they are blocked and not sent with above message. On the other side, if I try to sent via Bluetooth with phone's file manager, everything works perfect.

I know two solutions to the problem:

a. Use phone's file manager

b. Rename a blocked file type to an unblocked (eg .apk -> .jpg) and after transfer back on both source and destination (.jpg -> .app). But, why lose time?

So, please, can you suggest me the solution to the problem? I have searched too much to phone's options to enable all file types TO ES File Manager or vice versa if on Bluetooth have a list that can add which apps can work with any file type, but cannot find anything.
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