Bookshelf speakers and amplifier


Dec 31, 2015
Hello all, I have some bookshelf speakers from a stereo and record player from my dad which has passed away some years ago and they have been sitting in the storage and I decided to get them back to use. They were very expensive ones (yamaha I think) and I would like to connect them to my PC to get better audio because now I have some 2.1 5 watt speakers for 20$.

the question is:
How can I connect the bookshelf speakers without the stereo and the record player? because it requires a lot of space that i dont have on my desk .I have never learned anything about sound and speakers etc and I dont know what i need. will I need an amplifier? and if yes what sort of amplifier? can you lead me to an inexpensive one? my budget is around 30-50 dollars. Thanks!!


Passive speakers do require an amplifier. You may be able to find something second hand or check out some of those inexpensive class D or T(high efficiency and small for the power output) amplifiers they sell all over the internet.

They may not be top end, but may be just what you are looking for.


Hello... Typically I send the signal from my MB to a Stereo receiver for higher power and speaker use... Nice smaller 25-50 watts Multi-input receivers can be found at garage sales, craigslist, and pawn shops... having a radio, extra inputs, and more power available than needed at times, makes for a wonderful Audio/PC experience.