Bose Ae2W Bluetooth Headphones Low Bass -Suggestions?


Jul 29, 2015
So I just received as a gift from my wife a pair of Bose Ae2 Wireless headphones. She knows I am a big PC gamer and I don't have the heart to tell her that bluetooth isn't that great for gaming in general. She saw a mic and bose headphones and went for it lol. I am trying to make them serviceable, but my biggest problem is the bass is a lot lower than I am used to. I typically use them as a wireless bluetooth, but I have the option of plugging them directly into my PC Motherboard (Gigabyte gaming 7 1150) which has decent audio built in. If I plug them in, however, I cannot use the mic. That isn't a huge deal as I play a lot of singleplayer games but does anyone have any advice on how I can maximize sound through these expensive headphones? Specifically, will buying an amp for the headphones even make a difference? I am willing to spend around 100 USD if need be. Is there any other way I can maximize the bass performance through bluetooth or wired? Thank you in advance for helping me to make my wife happy!


1) Use them wired for gaming (lower input latency) and either mode for music (movies too if you sync them properly)
2) You won't really need an amp for them, so the regular mobo output is fine
3) You're probably used to loud but horrible sounding bass sounds. It'll take a while to get used to the proper sounds, but you'll enjoy it more in the long term
4) If the bass really bothers you that much, us an equalizer setting that boosts bass a bit.
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