Bose Companion 2 to Sub to PC


Apr 6, 2010
Hi I have a pair of Bose Companion 2 computer speakers that use a 3.5mm and I also have a huge 85 watt Dayton Sub. I want to plug the sub and speakers to the computer.

My sub has RCA(Line In), 2 Bare Wires (output), 2 Bare Wires (Input).

Anyway I can use it?


The 3.5 mm male plug on the computer end,
a 3.5 mm male plug to 3.5mm (female input) Y cord splitter, terminating into two 3.5 mm male plugs. (A "Y" CORD)
one of these male plugs goes into a 3.5 mm female to RCA adapter. The two male RCA plugs will feed your subwoofer.
The other male plug will plug into a 3.5mm female to female adapter, and into the female end, the computer speakers plug in, like usual.
all you are doing is using a Y cord, and adapters to split the existing line level out, from the computer.
These type of adapters can be purchased at radio shack, walmart, or on the internet...
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