Bose Lifestyle 28 connection to Marine Fusion


Aug 26, 2017
I bought a boat with a Bose Lifestyle 28 system installed and I want to eliminate the sub woofer and control console due to the space it takes up and the AC current required to drive it and the powered speakers. I connected the Lifestyle speakers directly to my Marine Fusion system and very little sound comes out. Will a 12v DC amplifier from the Fusion work with the Lifestyle speakers ? If so, will there be any quality to the sound without the sub woofer?
Bose doesn't give specs on the speakers on that system. Some Bose speakers are 2 ohm.
If you get a 12v audio amp that is four channels and stable to 2 ohm you can run 4 of the 5.
The Bose satellites are basically tweeters with some EQ built into the console. Wouldn't work well without the sub with the console. Without the console you lose the EQ and the sub so it will be worse.
I would suggest selling the complete Bose package and build a new system around the Fusion.
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