Question Bose QC Comfort 35 II hissing noise, What should I do now?


Nov 12, 2017
I’m receiving a hissing sound in my right earphone when the noise cancellation is on both high and low. When noise cancellation is off the hissing stops. I’ve had a look online and seems a reoccurring issue. Does anyone have any experience with this or something similar and what was the outcome?

Where are they buying from?

I purchase to read the review via Amazon link -

How long is the purchase?

January 3rd and receive 9th January.
I knocked the seller he said me this problem did not come with the warranty support.
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If you got them from or through Amazon and they were sold as new you should be able to get them exchanged for a properly working pair. Contact Amazon if the seller won't cooperate.
The problem would certainly be a warranty issue if it isn't a problem with all samples of the same headphones. I would not consider it to be acceptable if it was so returning them for a refund would be your best bet. Contact Bose service if you can't get them replaced.
If they are new but were not sold through an authorized dealer you may have a problem getting them serviced under warranty by Bose.
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