Bought an MSI GT70 2PE, can't get the graphics card to work

Jun 21, 2018
Bought this laptop used, the owner was selling it cheap because he claimed the graphics card (GTX 880M 8GB) stopped working. It's still detected by Windows, but it has a error code 43 and a little yellow triangle next to it in device manager. Ive tried re-installing multiple times and it still won't work. The owner claimed the problem happened after upgrading to Windows 10. My last attempt to fix it was going to be to downgrade to Windows 7, however; before I upgrade I wanted to see if you guys had any ideas?
Jun 21, 2018

Hey Barty,

I tried doing a clean install of Windows 10 and it didn't work. I then installed Windows 7 and again, not working. Pretty stumped here... I think next I'm gonna open it up and look if I see any physical damage to the card.
Jun 21, 2018

an update.. I successfully installed the newest drivers for the card on Windows 7. But when I booted after installing them I'm stuck on black screen with just my cursor. I booted into safe mode and uninstalled, however; I noticed the card no longer had an error message when I was in safe mode. Weird how when the computer believes it is "working" and it wont even let me access windows >.>
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